Chair Yoga for Improved Posture

Good posture is much more than standing up straight or looking good—it plays a role in your persistent aches and pains. Improved posture also leads to better balance, which becomes increasingly important as we get older. Try this short chair yoga routine to help improve your posture today.

Mikah Horn
Chair Yoga for Improved Posture

Pause what you’re doing right now...and look at how you're seated.

How's your posture?  Is your head forward?  Are your shoulders rounded in?  Are you slumping?

Most likely you noticed that you’re not sitting up straight. Many of us have what some people call “forward head, rounded shoulders” posture.

Chair Yoga for Better Posture. Bad posture vs Good Posture

Taking some time to counteract this posture can help ease aches and pains and also help your balance - which becomes increasingly more important as we get older!

Your posture not only affects how you feel physically but also mentally, right down to your brain chemistry! It also sends a subconscious message to the people around you.

Posture affects your mood, your self-confidence, your circulation, and even your digestion.

If you have a few minutes, I invite you to try this [free] short seated chair yoga class with a focus on counteracting postural imbalances!

If you enjoyed this class, I’d like to invite you to join us in Lifelong Yoga Online, my online yoga studio designed to help women age vibrantly by becoming stronger, more flexible, and pain free, even if they’ve never stepped foot on a yoga mat.

There are dozens of on-demand chair yoga classes (and gentle yoga, therapeutic yoga, hatha yoga, and other styles) that you can do whenever you like!

Your posture is something that CAN be improved. It takes time and consistency, but it's worth the effort.